Monday, July 31, 2006

Baby P's birth day (in theory)

Well today should be the day, but there's no sign of a baby coming, not even a twinge. Looks like Baby P is taking after their dad - he's always late :)

It's weird, because we thought it would all kick off today, but today has come and gone and I've still got a bump. Although I'm not looking forward to child birth (does anyone?), I'm a little disappointed that it hasn't all happened yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my bump and unlike most pregnant women at 40 weeks, I could quite happily continue being pregnant for another couple of weeks. But at the same time we've psyched ourselves up for a little baby and it's not here yet.

First time babies can be up to two weeks late, which is ok, but there's no way we're cleaning the house again before it arrives. So visitors please note, the house was lovely and clean for you if you had been visiting this week, but it might not be so by the time you get here.

We'll keep you informed.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two of our mates

Age: - 4 days

We're still online on our broken puter. PC world are being a pain despite some firm words - so we're going to write stroppy letters instead and see if that works any better.

Right then - we have some friends to introduce.

This is Mungo - he's a cheeky chap and fond of marshmallows. We're not quite sure if he's a horse, a donkey or something more exotic (suggestions anyone?) but we love him anyway.

Debbie's first cuddly toy was a little donkey called Dougal. He does bear some resemblance to young Mungo - which is very fitting.

And this is his friend Zeddy.

He's a Zebra (obviously!) and we picked him mainly because he matches the colour scheme of our lounge. To be honest, we were a bit concerned with the abundance of tacky bright red and yellow toys in the shops - not really very tasteful. Maybe we'll stick with traditional wooden toys; we could carve them ourselves perhaps.

As you can see - they get on well together :)

Houston we have a problem...

Not with the baby or debbie - with our computer.

Laptop screen has broken - big crack. Taking it back to PC world today but expecting a battle. May be offline for a little while - sorry everyone - will be back as soon as we can with news and pictures :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Age: - 8 days

Had a good day at church today. We have such good friends there (even though most of our best friends were away) - everyone is lovely to us. Today was a little scary too - for some of those people, the next we see them we'll be parents!

I still can't decide if I'm ready. Most of the time - I can't wait for it to happen - It's taking ages! But when I really think about it - I'm not so sure. When I'm tired I think - no, not now - maybe in the morning, but not now.

We did a bit of nesting this weekend. I think its only really happened out of a growing sense of urgency! We made the mistake of going to Ikea - you know how it is - you go for 2 little things and come home with a car full of "bargains".

So today we found places for our new stuff, hoovered and dusted throughout (took a while to find a duster) and put some pictures up in the nursery (will post some pics soon).

Oh and we have hot water now too (new boiler put in after old one died) - which is nice.

So we're kind of ready. mostly.

Thanks for reading all this stuff - its been really great to read your comments too. Always nice to be reminded what good friends we have.

Well it's time for bed now - next time we'll introduce you to two friends of ours - Mungo and Zeddy. They're very excited about meeting you and we're sure you'll like them both.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Baby grows

Now I know we promised cute photos of our baby - well, we can't manage that just at the moment. But - here's a few cute photos of Debbie instead :)

26 weeks pregnant and the best holiday we've ever had

32 weeks now
Rhubarb anyone?

And these were taken just today - 38 1/2 weeks

So there you go - more pics to follow soon - but now its time for bed.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The bib mountain

We are experts in mothercare. Seriously - have you seen how many pushchairs you can buy? 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, swivel or fixed, removable wheels, all terrain wheels - and one we saw with powerful disc brakes - I mean, how fast do they think we'll be going?!

Stuff we need:
bridget jones style knickers
place at a nursery

Stuff we'd like:
baby einstein cds/dvd
annabel karmel baby food book
unbelievable chair dont knock it till you've tried it!
more baby bedding
slumber bear
tree house
aupere - swedish

Stuff we have:
m+p pliko prammette (finally made a decision)
microwave steriliser
breast pump (don't ask)
gap cap -hardly no logo but this was second hand :)
hundreds of bibs (27 actually)
assorted babygrows - mostly white
donkey called mungo
600 cotton wool balls
moses basket
knitted blanket
fleecy blanket
baby bath
zeddy rocker (from debbie's mates at work- thank you!)

We're getting there!

The start of the photo albumn

20th November 2005
Quite an interesting day!

12 week scan

Baby P just chillin out at 20 weeks

(can you count the toes?)


Age: -13 days

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our baby blog! We thought we'd keep a blog as a way of letting friends and family keep up to date with how our little baby is doing. This is also somewhere we can post lots of cutie photos for people to oooh and ahhh over :)

We're new to blogging so you'll have to bear with us. Hopefully over the coming weeks - you'll see the blog develop.

Thanks for dropping by,

Will and Debbie