Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two of our mates

Age: - 4 days

We're still online on our broken puter. PC world are being a pain despite some firm words - so we're going to write stroppy letters instead and see if that works any better.

Right then - we have some friends to introduce.

This is Mungo - he's a cheeky chap and fond of marshmallows. We're not quite sure if he's a horse, a donkey or something more exotic (suggestions anyone?) but we love him anyway.

Debbie's first cuddly toy was a little donkey called Dougal. He does bear some resemblance to young Mungo - which is very fitting.

And this is his friend Zeddy.

He's a Zebra (obviously!) and we picked him mainly because he matches the colour scheme of our lounge. To be honest, we were a bit concerned with the abundance of tacky bright red and yellow toys in the shops - not really very tasteful. Maybe we'll stick with traditional wooden toys; we could carve them ourselves perhaps.

As you can see - they get on well together :)


Anonymous Gemma said...

Mungo is very cuddley! And he a really cute tail thing which you must be very careful with when you put a nappy on as Will Showed me!

8:55 AM  

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