Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silly words

Although language is one of Katie's strong points, she does occasionally have problems with some of her words. Here are some that she has got mixed up with over the past few months.

The first word she struggled with was music. However we tried, we just couldn't get her to say it. Instead she said 'fidget'.

Then she had trouble with houmous (her favourite snack). No matter what we said, it would always be 'Thomas'. We tried and we tried, but nothing changed, until one day when arguing with her she blurted out "It's not houmous, it's Thomas!'

The next funny word was mango. Katie has a cuddly friend called Mungo so already you can see we were going to have a problem with the fruit. To try to distinguish it from the toy that she sleeps with we emphasised the beginning of the word. This unfortunately led to the fruit being known as 'mmmmmmango', everytime.

On learning the song Woopah, Wayhay, Katie got a little confused. But who can blame her, they're not proper words. There she was singing at the top of her voice "God loves me pa-pay, woohoo".

Her latest word 'cumbumber' makes us smile.

But the funniest so far has to be concerning the letters 'SM'. Katie couldn't say 'SM' and instead replaced it with an 'F'. So smelly became felly. The funny moment came when Daddy was dressed up to go to work and Katie told him that he looked fart!


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