Sunday, July 23, 2006


Age: - 8 days

Had a good day at church today. We have such good friends there (even though most of our best friends were away) - everyone is lovely to us. Today was a little scary too - for some of those people, the next we see them we'll be parents!

I still can't decide if I'm ready. Most of the time - I can't wait for it to happen - It's taking ages! But when I really think about it - I'm not so sure. When I'm tired I think - no, not now - maybe in the morning, but not now.

We did a bit of nesting this weekend. I think its only really happened out of a growing sense of urgency! We made the mistake of going to Ikea - you know how it is - you go for 2 little things and come home with a car full of "bargains".

So today we found places for our new stuff, hoovered and dusted throughout (took a while to find a duster) and put some pictures up in the nursery (will post some pics soon).

Oh and we have hot water now too (new boiler put in after old one died) - which is nice.

So we're kind of ready. mostly.

Thanks for reading all this stuff - its been really great to read your comments too. Always nice to be reminded what good friends we have.

Well it's time for bed now - next time we'll introduce you to two friends of ours - Mungo and Zeddy. They're very excited about meeting you and we're sure you'll like them both.



Blogger Ryan said...

Well I remember a wise old car mechanic (who I'd never met before he fixed my car that day) telling me: "If you wait until you feel completely ready, you'll never have kids!"
I don't even remember why he told me that, but it stuck with me and now I'm just ten weeks behind you guys, anticipating parenthood. Am I ready? Hmmmm.... I'll tell you after it happens! Bless you guys!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Will said...

Lovely to hear from you Ryan- would love to see some pics of you guys - shame you cant post them in the comments. Send our love to tasha!

10:36 AM  

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