Monday, August 27, 2007

Katie Biggles Pearson

I think Katie has found her future vocation :D

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Step one

On Thursday Katie took her first steps - hooray!! Well, not unaided, but without mummy or daddy helping. For a while now she has been moving around the furniture and she enjoys walking around in the bath holding on to the side, but this week we had solo movement. She has got one of those push along brick carts and so we showed her what to do.

To start with she just held on and crawled with it, giggling all the time. But then she started to stand up. This resulted in quite a few falls as the cart moved forward and she didn't! However, she very quickly got the hang of it and enjoys doing length after length of our living room. She gets rather frustrated when she gets to the end and bumps into the coffee table, but we quickly turn her around and off she goes again.

She loves it and always walks with a smile on her face. I say walk, it's more like a quick jog. I'm not really convinced she has much control over the speed to be honest, it seems she has two options - run quick or fall over! Either way - she is still having lots of fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Katie's holiday

This was Katie's second holiday this year. She had so much fun the first time that she booked herself back in at nanny and grandad's for a week, and what a week she had! Grandad emailed her diary over - so we can all read what she got up to...

SATURDAY - I went to a barbeque for my birthday at Auntie Brenda & Uncle Ben's house. I had a few presents and a lovely chocolate cake. I did not get home until 9.30pm and I stayed awake all the time! Mummy seemed suprised to hear about that.

SUNDAY - Nanny and Grandad took me to the park to go on the swings. I really enjoyed it. I spent some time playing in my paddling pool and then played with my toys. I went to bed at my normal time.

MONDAY - Grandad was going to golf so we took him. I had a nice car journey in my new car seat. In the afternoon I went to visit my second cousins as their mum has just had a new baby on my birthday.

TUESDAY - I went to the seaside where I ate my lunch on the seafront. Then we went shopping to buy Grandad some new shoes. I had my first haircut, Nanny cut my fringe so that I can see properly.

WEDNESDAY - I went to the park again where I had lots more swings. Then Grandad went to golf so I stayed at home and played with my toys. Auntie Anne & Auntie Brenda came to visit.

THURSDAY - Nanny took me swimming and I had lots of splashes and swims. In the afternoon Nanny took me for a walk so that Grandad could have a sleep. We went to the park for more swings and the slide.

FRIDAY - We are all off to the seaside. Nanny, Grandad and me with Auntie Jenny and Uncle Doug. We went on a little train, The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway. It was once known as the smallest public railway. We had lots of fun and saw lots of animals on route. We went into the cafe where we had fish and chips for dinner. I also watched lots of tiny trains in the model railway museum. What a tiring day.

SATURDAY - My holiday is over and it is time to go and rejoin my Mummy and Daddy. I leave my Nanny and Grandad very tired and I think they need a holiday to rest.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The big number 1

Well can you believe it, Katie is now 1 year old.

Katie had a lovely birthday. She spent the morning having fun in her new paddling pool.

Later on in the day Nanny and Grandad had arranged a surprise birthday party for her. As a result, Katie's favourite foods are no longer toast or cheesy veg, but chocolate cake!