Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Katie's holiday

Katie has been on her first holiday without her parents and she had a wonderful time.

She went to stay with her Nanny and Grandad in Kent for a week. She had quite a busy time seeing lots of family, going to the seaside, meeting the goats and chickens at the farm and then finally a trip to the airport to find mummy and daddy.

We dont' know for sure, but we're guessing she was thoroughly spoilt. She wore some new clothes (including frilly dresses), played with some new toys, tasted some very expensive food, and had lots and lots of cuddles. But most of all she had lots of fun.

Nanny and Grandad had a great time too, although their parting words were "We're knackered".
Katie loved it so much she is going back for another week in August. Nanny and Grandad have booked a holiday before then to get over the shock and they've booked another one afterwards too.

It's been a bit tough readjusting, but it's great to be back home together :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Coughing and clapping

Today has been a sad day and a happy day.

Nanny and Grandad came to stay at the weekend and Katie fell in love with them (again). She gave a huge smile everytime she saw them, and played lots of games with them. Grandad shared not only his love with Katie but also his cold. So today has been a bit sad as Katie has been coughing a lot. But it's not just any old cough, it sounds like she's been a heavy smoker for 40 years!

However, on the happy side, today was the first day that Katie has clapped her hands. It was lovely to see and it made her happy too.

Sorry, no photos of coughing or clapping, but a lovely one of Katie sleeping.

Monday, June 04, 2007

10 month update

So what is going on with Katie?

Well, she is still slightly smaller than the average baby. Her 6-9 months clothes are beginning to get tight, but we think we are going to skip straight to 12-18 months clothes as she is about to move up into the next size nappy - and they are huge!

She is now eating well (on the whole). Her favourite foods are, weetabix, readybrek, toast, or scrambled egg for breakfast, and for later in the day, fish, pasta and any veg as long as it’s mixed with cheese. She hasn’t got the hang of using a spoon yet, neither is she too great at feeding herself with her fingers (unless it’s toast in which case she excels). She is now holding her own milk bottle most of the time and this week we appear to have had a breakthrough with water. Since Katie was six months old we have tried to get her to drink water out of a beaker. It has been very frustrating as she really hasn’t taken to it and the health visitor insisted that we persevere. Well four months on and she seems to have got the hang of it, ish.

Still no clapping which is strange as we guess Katie would see a lot more of this than your average baby, as she goes to church every week. Oh well, no hurry. There is no desire to walk yet even though she has got really strong legs. But we have seen some backwards crawling and she can do a great 360 deg turn. Her favourite activity is bouncing.

She still sleeps through the night and when she’s at home with mummy and daddy she still has 4 sleeps a day. This is not the case at nursery where they are lucky if she has 20 minutes! We are still working to a 3 hourly routine, but we are getting a little more relaxed about it these days. But it has worked really well for us and we'd recommend it to others.

We have a very happy contented little girl.