Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pregnant friends

Katie has known a few of our friends to have babies recently. She knows that when you are pregnant you have a baby asleep in your tummy.

With the help of her friend Mungo, here is her version of pregnancy...

Silly words

Although language is one of Katie's strong points, she does occasionally have problems with some of her words. Here are some that she has got mixed up with over the past few months.

The first word she struggled with was music. However we tried, we just couldn't get her to say it. Instead she said 'fidget'.

Then she had trouble with houmous (her favourite snack). No matter what we said, it would always be 'Thomas'. We tried and we tried, but nothing changed, until one day when arguing with her she blurted out "It's not houmous, it's Thomas!'

The next funny word was mango. Katie has a cuddly friend called Mungo so already you can see we were going to have a problem with the fruit. To try to distinguish it from the toy that she sleeps with we emphasised the beginning of the word. This unfortunately led to the fruit being known as 'mmmmmmango', everytime.

On learning the song Woopah, Wayhay, Katie got a little confused. But who can blame her, they're not proper words. There she was singing at the top of her voice "God loves me pa-pay, woohoo".

Her latest word 'cumbumber' makes us smile.

But the funniest so far has to be concerning the letters 'SM'. Katie couldn't say 'SM' and instead replaced it with an 'F'. So smelly became felly. The funny moment came when Daddy was dressed up to go to work and Katie told him that he looked fart!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anyone for skiing?

Katie has been on holiday recently to Grandad's house, whilst mummy and daddy went skiing. However, to encourage Katie for future years we've been explaining how skiing works and showing her how to dress appropriately. While we were busy in one room, Katie decided to have a go herself and this is the result...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Conversations

Here are just a few of the great conversations we've been having over the past couple of months...

Mummy: How old are you Katie?
Katie: Not five, not four, not six!

Katie: I'm happy. Are you happy mummy? Katie happy, mummy happy. Are you happy daddy? Katie happy, mummy happy and daddy happy.

Katie knows that Daddy is a doctor but seems to think that he can fix anything. Last week our radiator stopped working, and so Katie piped up with 'That's ok, Daddy can fix it, he's a doctor'.

Katie is adding to her vocabulary on a daily basis. This week she has replaced old phrases with new ones - 'It's gone' is now 'it's disappeared'; 'oh dear' is now 'I've got a problem'; and 'I like it' is now 'it's fantastic'.

We were out and about in the car the other day and had a conversation about what music we would listen to. It was decided that daddy would finish listening to his podcast, then Katie could have Kids Praise on. We explained this over and over again, then I said "so daddy's putting his choice on now and when it's finished you can put yours on". Katie rightly replied from the back of the car, "but I can't reach".

This week Katie was watching us wrap some food in tin foil. As she does she asked what we were doing and so we explained. And as she does she tried to learn the word. But foil was coming out as 'hoil'. After a number of repetitions from us both, I explained 'not hoil, but f-f-f-f-foil'. To which she replied, 'f-f-f-f-hoil'!

We were back visiting our lovely friends at Walton Corps over Christmas. When the band started, Katie covered both her ears and said, "when the music stops, I take my ears off"

As well as talking, Katie also likes singing. This week we had a great version of a song, only the words had changed from the norm. She sang, 'Heads, elbows, knees and toes'

She's great!

We love you Katie. You make us smile.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Katie are you cute?

No, I'm not cute, Karl's cute, I'm gorgeous.

Katie are you cute?

No, I'm not cute, Karl's cute, I'm a little lady.

Katie are you cute?

No, I'm not cute, Karl's cute, I'm a little girl.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm a big girl now

Sorry we haven't blogged for a while. There is so much to catch up on. We'll try and add some news and photos over the next couple of weeks.

I'm sure all parents say this, but Katie is growing up fast. She has lost her baby ways and is definitely a little girl (although if you ask her she says she's a big girl because she wears knickers!)

There have been advances in her active abilities because just before Christmas she announced that she would do a 'roly roly poly'. We're not sure which is cuter, watching her doing it or hearing her saying it.

One thing we've found is that Katie loves maps. She has been enjoying looking at where she lives and finding out about other countries. We've tried to teach her not only the names of countries but also interesting things about them. So for example she knows where Disney world is and that nanny and grandad are going to take her there one day; and she knows where Italy is and that Auntie Tina, pizza and pasta were all made there.

As for Christmas, this year Katie was an angel in the college nativity. On reading the nativity story to her before bed one night, when we got to the bit about an angel I said you were an angel to which she replied, 'No, I am an angel'.

Here are a couple of photos to keep you smiling. The first was taken at nursery just as Father Christmas arrived, the second one was all Katie's idea, the third is just lovely.

Monday, February 02, 2009

We had fun today

Thanks for the coat Rosy!

Where have my knees gone?


I love my daddy