Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The bib mountain

We are experts in mothercare. Seriously - have you seen how many pushchairs you can buy? 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, swivel or fixed, removable wheels, all terrain wheels - and one we saw with powerful disc brakes - I mean, how fast do they think we'll be going?!

Stuff we need:
bridget jones style knickers
place at a nursery

Stuff we'd like:
baby einstein cds/dvd
annabel karmel baby food book
unbelievable chair dont knock it till you've tried it!
more baby bedding
slumber bear
tree house
aupere - swedish

Stuff we have:
m+p pliko prammette (finally made a decision)
microwave steriliser
breast pump (don't ask)
gap cap -hardly no logo but this was second hand :)
hundreds of bibs (27 actually)
assorted babygrows - mostly white
donkey called mungo
600 cotton wool balls
moses basket
knitted blanket
fleecy blanket
baby bath
zeddy rocker (from debbie's mates at work- thank you!)

We're getting there!


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