Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who do I look like?

Katie is really pretty, and to be honest we look at her and wonder how we managed to make something so beautiful. Some people say she looks like her mummy and others say she looks like her daddy. We don't think she really looks like either of us, so we thought we'd share a couple of photos of us as babies to see what you think.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bathtime bliss

Since she was 1 day old Katie has loved having a bath. No matter how upset she seems to be beforehand, as soon as she gets in the water she relaxes. Yesterday, she relaxed a little too far and this was the result...

Just in case you didn't catch that, here is a close up.

We love you Katie :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

At 10 weeks...A real milestone

10 weeks seems to be a milestone for a number of reasons:

At 10 weeks Katie can hold something in her hand - a pen, a rattle, Jeffrey (a cuddly giraffe, not Grandad Pearson). She's always had a good grip on your finger, but now it is much more controlled. For those of you without kids you may wonder what all the fuss is about, but this little thing is a big step in Katie's life.

At 10 weeks Katie got a cold. She is now an expert sneezer too :) Though she's not very good at clearing it up afterwards.

At 10 weeks Katie slept from 7pm to 7am - woohoo!
Until now we have woken her up at 11pm to give her what would hopefully be the final feed of the night. We stopped doing this and the first night she woke up at 2.30am and was hungry - doh! But we did not despair, the following night she did it. Our wonderful little baby slept for 12 hours and has done every night since - hooray!
(No photos sorry, we were all asleep)

Friday, October 20, 2006

At 9, thumb sucking, talking and a visit

At 9 weeks Katie went on her fist holiday. Now this was no ordinary holiday, it was the Corps Youth Retreat! But she had a great time and spent most of it cuddling up to mummy & daddy in her new Baby Bjorn Active carrier. She loves it, and so do we.

At 9 weeks Katie found her thumb and realised that it fits in her mouth quite nicely. Not sure what we think about this. We have avoided giving her a dummy so far, but at least with a dummy you can take it away. Not so easy with the thumb. We've decided that for now it is ok but only at certain times. If she has got other things to play with or amuse her, then she doesn't really need it and so we take her hand out of her mouth. However, when she is really upset or trying to get to sleep, she can have it.

Also, Katie has started to talk. Well sort of. She makes all sorts of noises inbetween smiles. Every day mummy and Katie have a little conversation. It's great fun. She even asked her nanny & grandad for a tricycle the other day :)

This week Katie had a special visitor, her great grandma came to see her. We think she is the oldest person Katie has ever met. Katie certainly seemed very happy and content. Great Grandma Tomlinson does have a tendency to shake a bit so maybe that was soothing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

At 8 weeks...smiles & bottles

(Katie is 11 weeks old on friday but we've got a bit of catching up to do!)

Katie began to smile. She had been smiling before now but it was rather random. At 8 weeks she began to give us a big beamer when she saw us. It's great when she first wakes up, she blinks for a bit trying to adjust to the light, then works out its you looking at her and gives you a great big happy smile. It has been quite difficult to get a photo because she likes smiling at our faces but not the camera, but at last we got this one...

Also, we started Katie on a bottle this week and she took it first time no problems. Not every feed, just now and then, to get her used to it so that mummy can have some time off occasionally. We're still using mummy's milk because that's the best, and Katie doesn't want milk from any old cow!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We're back

Well then - where do we start?!

Sorry it's been a while since we last posted. We haven't really taken many photos recently - not sure why - just a bit lazy I guess. Also I think it's gonna be hard to beat the last batch of photos :)

There's all sorts of stuff to talk about in the next few days including:
Sucking her thumb, holding stuff, getting her first cold, getting some real nappies, starting to talk (kind of), sleeping through the night (almost), drinking from a bottle, getting a new baby bjorn carrier, going on holiday - see the list is endless!! We'd better start writing! Here's a few pics to keep you going - we'll take some better ones soon.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Because you're gorgeous

Nothing to say about these - they speak for themselves :)

Katie and mummy go to the gym

Debbie is fat. It's official.

She can barely fit into her size 6 knickers because of her huge flabby bottom.

Her tummy squidges.

So she's doing the Davina thing.

Davina says 30 minutes, 3 times a week should do it - we'll keep you informed.

In support of her mummy - Katie is also working out, with the help of her aquarium activity gym. Our friend and his wife (see right) kindly bought Katie the gym, which she certainly seems to enjoy as you can see below.