Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is it me or does she look a little ginger?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Family time

Nanny and Grandad came to visit for a few days. Katie had a great time. Just recently she's been a bit scared of unfamiliar faces, but not this time. She adored them both. Grandad got the better deal. They worked as a team - Grandad got the cuddles and smiles, and Nanny got the nappies and sick. Not very fair, but everyone was happy.

Friday, November 24, 2006

My, what a big bed you've got

At 13 weeks Katie had grown so long she was no longer able to sleep in her moses basket. So she ventured out into her own bedroom in her own bed.

We were a little concerned about how she would take to her new surroundings, but she didn't notice a thing.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Eye Eye

We've been meaning to blog about this for a while but it's been hard to know what to say.

The colour of Katie's eyes has changed. They are no longer blue. However we can't really decide what they've changed to. They are sort of hazelly in the middle but dark blue around the edges. I guess they may carry on changing. We'll keep you informed.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fattening her up for Christmas

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. To put your mind at rest, there seems to be little to worry about.

Yes, Katie is a lot smaller than the graphs say she should be and it is a concern, however she is still a happy contented baby who feeds, plays and sleeps well.

No one is really sure what the problem is (health visitor, GP and consultant all have their own slant on things), but the bottom line is she's not getting enough calories one way or the other. So for now we're topping up her feeds with expressed milk and we'll get her weighed in 2 weeks.

We do have some fun news for you - yesterday Katie giggled for the first time. Daddy and Katie were having some quality time together and Katie found him very amusing. It was lovely.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tiny Katie

Katie went to be weighed again today and it's not looking too good.

She was weighed last week and the health visitor was a little concerned as she had not put on enough weight. She's got longer (she doesn't fit into her new baby clothes, she is too long for her moses basket and her bath is getting a little small for her) but she has not got any fatter.

So she had to go back this week and be weighed again. This week she has lost weight. Not a lot, only an ounze, but considering babies should put on between 6-8oz a week, she's not doing great.

We're not overly worried, Katie is a happy contended baby who sleeps, feeds and plays well. But best to get it checked out.

So we're off to Alder Hey tomorrow to see a paediatrician.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Katie's first holiday

We had a lovely time on holiday last week. We took Katie away to Wales to stay in a caravan near Llanberis. Caravans have definitely changed - this one was nicer than most hotels we've stayed in. It had 2 bedrooms, a hallway, big lounge, a kitchen much nicer than ours, central heating and a very sparkly bathroom with power shower. The campsite was cool too - bit like a mini centre-parks with nice pool, sauna etc- overlooked by mountains on one side and a lake on the other. Overall - it was a good place to be.

So off we went on holiday.

Journeys are always tiring but there was time for a nap.

The weather was pretty good - nice and bright most of the time but really cold. Katie spent much of the time in proper clothes (instead of sleepsuits) which we think made her look more grown-up. She particularly liked her yellow fleecey hoodie, which had a little bit at the front perfect for catching dribble.

Katie did have one small complaint with our accomodation - her bath was a little small. She wasn't very keen to start with but after a little explanation from her dad she made the best of it.

She did have chance to stretch her legs a little more when we took her for her first swim. She was really good (that's well-behaved not good at swimming). Although the pool made her feel very small we think she felt safe and secure with daddy.

She looked extremely content afterwards.

We visited lots of nice places - God did a good job when he made this part of the world!

She was also visited by her cousin Rosy and her uncle Robert who were very nice and good fun.

That's the great thing about these places - the grown-ups can sit and chat whilst the children play.

We had fun inside the caravan too particularly in the mornings. Katie is definitely a morning person - this is her happiest and most playful time. She's been practising hard and is certainly getting better at holding things and likes to try to put them in her mouth too.

All in all we had a lovely time but its always nice to be back home too.