Friday, February 29, 2008

Time to catch up

Katie has been so much fun recently. She brings joy to so many people and makes us giggle everyday. We're sorry we havn't been keeping you up-to-date with what's been going on her life, so here are a few of her best moments over the past couple of weeks.

Will had done rather well in his Old Testament essay and so as a little treat Katie bought him (with the help of Debbie) a packet of his favourite snack - bombay mix or as Katie likes to call it "bum bum mits"!

Hello Nanny & Silly Daddy

A couple of weeks ago (we really should blog more often) Katie started to put two words together rather than just using one at a time. The first time we heard this was on the phone when she clearly said "Hello nanny". It was a special moment. However, a couple of days later came the next not so special moment when we heard "silly daddy"


We've all heard about that annoying stage in a child's life when they start asking questions and want to know why. It would appear that Katie's questionning has started a little early. Her question as of yesterday and for now what seems like every waking minute is "wassat?" interpreted to be "What is that?"

Although we are thrilled that Katie has an inquisitive mind and wants to learn, it does test our patience.


Katie has a cute little habit of sometimes wanting to sit on our laps, even if we are lying down at the time. Cute, that is until she plonks herself down on your ribs and bounces up and down.

Getting taller

How do we know that Katie has grown this week? No, not by the fact that her clothes are too small, but by the fact that if she stands on tip toes for long enough and gets the right angle on the handle she can open doors. Another hazard for her parents to look out for.

Going potty

Highlight of the week - yes it's the news that all parents long to hear, Katie went on the potty - hooray! She is a little too young for this (apparently), but she has been showing a keen interest in the potty over the past couple of weeks - mainly wanting to stand in it, but interest none the less. Last week she would often come and say to one of us "toilet" or "potty" and we would smile sweetly and say ok. Off she would go stand in her potty or attempt to sit on it (usually unsuccessfully) but she did fill her nappy at the same time! Remarkable. We told nursery about this and so they've tried to encourage the habit and on Wednesday of this week, after asking for the potty at nursery, she sat on it then with some surprise shouted " ooh, water!"

Friday, February 22, 2008


Katie had her very first pancake this year, and after the first one she asked for more and then more and then more. We think she enjoyed them.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jelly & tears

Katie has been helping out in the kitchen recently. Her favourite activities are cooking and washing up - long may that continue.

So we decided to make a jelly together. Katie was doing really well, she wasn't too keen on the texture of raw jelly to start with, but after tasting it she decided it was ok. She then went on to help stir in the hot water. But once it dissolved, there was complete devistation - Oh no, the jelly had gone! We tried explaining as best we could that it would be ok in a few hours time, but it wasn't working. Life as a kid must be really tough sometimes because it just doesn't make sense.

Sorry no jelly photos, but her she is helping us out again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cleaning up

Fed up with her parents untidiness Katie decides to take matters into her own hands

Friday, February 08, 2008

Compassionate Katie

Katie has started to show her compassionate and caring side lately. If she hears anyone crying she will search around the room for them and have a sad look on her face. The other day some grown up friends of ours were having a little play fight and Katie, in what seemed like slow motion, stopped what she was doing, her bottom lip started quivering, and she screamed and wept. Similarly we were having a bit of a tickling match, but it was too much for Katie to handle. She stood completely still and screamed and screamed and screamed, it took a long time to convince her that mummy and daddy were ok and that they loved each other very much.

Another example of her deep compassion was expressed at nursery last week. Katie's best friend Niamh was sent to the naughty mat for biting another child. On seeing her all alone, Katie went and sat next to her. Aah, how cute.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just like Daddy

Monday, February 04, 2008

18 months

Being old is hard work

Sunday, February 03, 2008


This is one of Katie's new words at the moment, although she hasn't quite grasped the correct use of it yet. She uses it when we are in her way and she wants to get past!

However, we are sorry for the lack of blogging. Christmas was great and we caught up with a lot of family and friends, it was good to see you all. We've got a lot to blog about so keep on looking over the next few days.

This was taken with our friends in Mashbury just before Christmas