Friday, February 29, 2008

Going potty

Highlight of the week - yes it's the news that all parents long to hear, Katie went on the potty - hooray! She is a little too young for this (apparently), but she has been showing a keen interest in the potty over the past couple of weeks - mainly wanting to stand in it, but interest none the less. Last week she would often come and say to one of us "toilet" or "potty" and we would smile sweetly and say ok. Off she would go stand in her potty or attempt to sit on it (usually unsuccessfully) but she did fill her nappy at the same time! Remarkable. We told nursery about this and so they've tried to encourage the habit and on Wednesday of this week, after asking for the potty at nursery, she sat on it then with some surprise shouted " ooh, water!"


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