Sunday, August 06, 2006

Some introductions

Katie's had quite a few special visitors in the last few days:

First she met her grandparents - who were very doting! There were a few moist eyes for sure. Its a shame nanny and grandad Waring live so far away but we know they'll be back soon.

Last night she met her cousin Rosy and her uncle and auntie - Bob and Judy. Rosy had drawn a little card for her which was a very lovely thought (they're kisses in boxes - obviously!). She had also brought a couple of her favourite toys that she doesnt need anymore - I'm sure Katie will love them to bits. (We only managed to get Bob's legs on camera).

Then her auntie Gemma came to see her along with the marks and spencers baby department (thank you!). Gemma is a trained nursery nurse and is a key part of our team so will now be known as Nanny Gemma.

After such an exhausting day - Katie slept well during the night. There were a few tears at bedtime but on the whole a good night was had by all.


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