Sunday, August 06, 2006

Splash in the bath

Sorry there was no post yesterday - it was a busy day. Katie had lots of visitors in the morning - the baby doctor came to see her - all was well. The bounty lady came with a load of freebies and took some lovely photos. And then, the highlight of the morning, she had her first bath! She is definitely a water baby. The care assistant kept saying - don't worry they normally cry at this bit - but she never did- she seemed to really enjoy it - as you can see.

Do you like my new hair do?!

Then we had to get past the next obstacle - convincing the midwife to let us go home!

Now this was no ordinary midwife. We have a theory that in midwifery, your prospects for promotion are proportional to your size. All the student midwives were from the kate moss school of nutrition and our midwife yesterday was obviously very senior.

With a bit of sweet talking, persuasion and bare-faced charm - Katie had her under the thumb in no time and our "Go large" matron was defeated - we were going home.


Anonymous Nanny Gemma said...

Katie Pearson you are the most beautifull girl in the world! Looking forward to lots of cuddles later.X

2:41 PM  

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