Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Perhaps it should have been poos, wees and vomits?

What a day!

It started so well. She beat her sleeping record last night - from 11pm to 5.15! She's getting there. Mum and Katie got up together and shared some quality time whilst dad slept in. But an hour later the day started to go pear-shaped. Mum was feeling a bit peaky and we weren't sure whether she needed to see a proper doctor but decided on a bit of bed rest for now. A bit later we got a visit from a lovely health visitor (also a midwife which is handy). She was very reassuring and agreed mum had overdone it and should stay in bed for a bit - but no cause for concern. She was nice.

Mum was a bit bored and sick of daytime TV and puzzles - but dad made her a lovely bacon and runny egg sandwich to cheer her up.

We had some visitors after lunch who we hadn't seen for a while - so that was good to catch up - and it's always a joy to show off our Katie.

Katie - to be fair - had a pretty good day today until about 5ish. Then she was screaming good and proper for ages for no apparent reason. Until she let out a tiny burp. That got it.

All was well again until getting her ready for bed. First nappy change required a change of clothes. Second nappy -Dad offered to do but mum insisted (and regretted it later). Horrible pooey bottom to start with then weed everywhere - new clothes again. All sorted, nice and clean and warm, swaddled up. Trickled sick everywhere - no big deal - new sheet. Then projectile vomit over baby, clothes, sheet, mum, carpet etc. All settling then another big, goey vomit (sorry for details but this is our world!).

Babe looked well and truly shocked and miserable. So did mum. Dad made reassuring noises to both. From a safe distance.

Well - it all ended well. We've got our daily white wash in progress, Katie's sleeping soundly and mum is feeling much brighter.

No photos today - don't want to ruin your image of our beautiful daughter.

More news soon...


Anonymous Nanny Gem said...

Thats not a good day. I am sure tom will be better.
Glad deb is feeling better :-)

9:20 PM  

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