Monday, March 19, 2007

Enjoying the simple things...

Debbie and I decided recently that we should make an effort to enjoy the simple things in life. One of our ideas was that we should go for walks more often - maybe one saturday a month. We thought that sometimes we should go just as a family and sometimes it would be good to go with other people. That way we get to enjoy God's creation and have a good chat too, (so if you fancy a walk sometime - let us know!!!)

We've been on 2 walks so far - both to the same place (more or less). On my dad's recommendation we went to Styal country park - near Wilmslow - south of Manchester. After the first walk we had lunch in Starbucks and my brother Richard came and had a natter with us (he lives in wilmslow now) which was an added bonus. The second walk was a bit of an epic - we were getting a little bit lost so we asked a man for some help (Debbie's idea). I think he came from the "Kevin Vane school of directions" - he was well versed in the "oh yeah its just round the next corner" approach. So about 2 hours later (45 mins according to long socks and woolly hat man), after 2 dual carriageways, a long walk round the edge of Manchester airport and a Holiday Inn, we arrived back at the car. We had a lovely time - just a bit more than we bargained for. As you can see - Katie had a lovely time and didn't seem to be quite as worn out with all steep hills and boggy river banks.


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