Saturday, January 27, 2007

Who's been looking after Katie?

Yesterday Katie had some special 'Katie-sitters'. In the morning it was Grandad Jeff's turn to look after Katie. There are two things wrong with this photo. Can you guess what they are?

So not only was Katie playing with daddy's toy rather than her own, but she was sitting on the sofa!

However, Grandad redeemed himself later when he gave Katie some great tummy time and she had lots of fun.

Then in the afternoon, it was Gemma's turn. Now for those of you who don't know Gemma you can tell from the photos that she is very holy as she got Katie to read her bible.

Always a difficult choice for dad's this one - save the baby or take the photo!


Blogger Gem's Blog said...

Ha ha! What Will fails to tell us all in this post that when i arrived Katie was allready reading her bible and he was telling me where to stand to try and make katie fall over so he could play a game! Meany! But it was really funny! Ask to see the vid!

Anyway whats this about Holy Gem! hee hee! I'm not all that you know!

Anyway me and katie did have a great time which did include reading the story of creation!

Fun fun fun!

Lots of love
Holy girl!


10:24 PM  

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