Friday, November 02, 2007

The Dictionary according to Katie

Katie is changing every day and it is a delight to see. Her character, cheeky as it is, is shining through more and more each day. But one of the ways in which she seems to be developing quickly is her communication.

She understands what we say particularly well: we can tell her to go and get her shoes and she does, we can ask her to go to her high chair and she does, we ask if she would like some breakfast/dinner/tea and she responds with "Yum yum".
But they are not the only words she says, here is a list of them all to date in the order that she started saying them:

Ta (probably her first word at around 10 months)
Gone (in relation to her food)
Da da
Ma ma
Dohh (dog)
Buh (book)
Shus (shoes)
Yum Yum
Shocks (socks - guess she gets mixed up with shoes)
No (when asked if she wants any more milk)
Cud-dle (this is so cute)
Mu (as in Mungo, her favourite soft toy)
Noh (as in Noddy)

But it's not just her words that are developing. She has other useful skills too...


Blogger Kevin said...

Pity about her big hand.

Or is that near and far away again???

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