Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Solo steps

Today was a good day. Katie took her first solo steps. It was great to see. We didn't actually see the first ones, they were taken in nursery, but she took a few more later in the day and we were thrilled to see them.

Katie has grown so much over the past few weeks and she really is interacting with us now. It is wonderful. There have been lots of occasions that make us go 'ah', because she is so lovely and loving. Recently she has become much more touchy feely and has been asking us for cuddles. She has learnt how to blow kisses which is cute, though it can appear a little forward when she meets new people!


Blogger Tasha said...

Well done Katie! It's so adorable watching those first bow-legged steps I was in tears when Gabe started - that's a rarity for me I assure you! Have you got it on video for your blog? Hope you're doing well at the college!
Love & Prayers

12:44 AM  

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